The best whitehat SEO program on the market!

Local SEO Campaigns That Actually Work

We will literally do everything you need when it comes to ranking your local websites!

How We Can Help You?

We will execute ALL of your website’s SEO for $800 per month. You can easily charge $2,000 per month for the quality and results of this campaign.

Some clients only need this to rank while others may need some additional link building. 

Agency Grade SEO

Trust us to rank your local sites, affiliate sites, and even your client’s sites.

About the Project

Give us the information we need and access to your website so we can do the on-page work (if needed).

We Do ALL the Work!

We completely manage the entire project. We do the tasks, update Trello, and provide slick reports.

Social media

We literally do everything. The SEO campaign is completely done for you.

Amazing Prices

All work is done in-house, allowing us to keep the prices low and the quality high.

Help & Support

We value your input and want to hear what you have to say. Paper-Smart strives to ensure 100% customer satisfaction with each and every service.

Here's What You Get

Local Citations

We will create 100+ local citations including Yelp, Manta, and other high quality local listings.

Branded Web 2.0 Ring of Trust

5-10 high quality, branded Web 2.0 sites. These are fleshed out with content, custom themes, and about us section. We also connect these to IFTTT.

Google Drive Stack

Complete stack of Google Drive properties in a public folder. These are boosted with tier 2 links for extra authority. Everything is forced indexed.

Tier 2 Power Ups

Every link we build (citations too) is powered up by a second and sometimes a third tier of links. We use aged properties for 2nd tier and force index everything.

On-Page Cleanup/Optimization

We will cleanup and optimise your on-page content with Schema Markup, proper H1,H2,meta titles/descriptions. This is done by USA based employees.

Authority Links

5 authority links from powerful websites. These aren't your typical PBNs. These are real websites that have real on-going traffic.

SERP Tracking

Rank tracking is provided for up to 10 keywords. We can help you do keyword research.

Progress Tracking

You'll know where the project is at all times. Just contact us and we will help by answering any questions you may have.

Press Releases

We will write and publish press releases on over 150 premium news websites. This is a 500$ value by itself!

DAS Project

We complete DAS(Domain Authority Stacking) using branded and non-branded Web 2.0 sites. These proprieties are then boosted using aged, high Page Authority Web 2.0 blogs.

Office 365 Stack

Office365 Stacks are widely under-utilized. These properties carry more effect then the Google Drive stack and are less regulated.

Local Citations

Google My Maps are created and then embedded on aged Web 2.0 sites. This is excellent for driving local rankings and pushing a website to the top.

Link Silo

We will interlink the pages of your client's website in a silo structure. This will pass link juice throughout the site and add authority to the pages.(Maximum 10 pages)

Tumblr Power Up

We boost your site with 25 Tumblr links from TF10+ aged Tumblr blogs. These are the best Tumblrs on the internet. Ex.

Full Report

We will send a report each month and present them in a way you love.

Customized Solutions

We customise every campaign just for you. Sometimes we make tweaks here and there to get faster and better results.

Additional Services

Content Writing

We offer you

Customized Solutions

We customise every campaign just for you. Sometimes we make tweaks here and there to get faster and better results.

Meet The Team